Fotos de Miley Cyrus firma en Guitaras


  1. ^^^me gusto mucho las fotos lindas ^^^^^^^^^^

  2. wenu me enkanta la ucik de miley es lo mas yo soi de argentina y weno me enkanta igual komo es y su personalidad de veradad les dejo mi msn

  3. miley is the best is a nice girl and the life of Hanna and choose the miley miley that Brett is the only other TV talent miley has the same as it is and she is more beautiful without offending miley Hanna

  4. I would like to come here to do a concert Yopal has so I can meet you and tell you are super, I like your real miley girl Hanna is not that I do not like it but it is a girl that lived only on television but voice miley you are like me and the real.

    me gustaria que vinieras a qui a yopal ha hacer un concierto asi yo poder conocerte y decirte que eres super, me gusta tu miley la chica real hanna no es que no me guste si no que es una chica que solo vive en la television pero voz eres miley la real y me agrada


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