Foto de Jason Statham Shops Upscale Rodeo Dr. Boutiques w/ Girlfriend!


Crank” star, Jason Statham, takes girlfriend, Alex Zosman, for a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California on April 30, 2009.


  1. olaa yo amo a JASON STATHAM CON TODO MI ALMA y por el yo me voy a muerto i swear on the good i will die for jason statham

  2. “…i only hope those pictures of him leaving the medical building are not because she gave him anything. the # of men that lady has slept with is astonishing. hope jason protects himself. i heard he spoke to kelly recently and kelly has been disgusted by the truth about alex and her alleged prostitution days. lets wish jason a good and safe trip in brazil. maybe he will figure out his life while he is away. “

  3. “…i dont think alex could ever hurt him- she would never leave her meal ticket and she could never do better than him so i think he feels comfort that she is easy he doesnt send her flowers or surprise her- she begs him for jimmy choo shoes and rolex watches and cartier bracelets. it’s a small price to pay to have a girl like alex who will sleep with him when he wants, travel when he wants and go where he wants. i assume it suits him just fine until the right woman comes along. alex is a joke in LA.

  4. “listen up, ALL of this is true. it is a fact. jason and alex openly admit that she was a paid escort. i think she is a pretty bad person for her character- but that is my opinion. the woman has no morals and she uses everyone for money. jason obviously has something wrong with him to be with her. she is not very bright, not very nice and average looking at best. jason says he is not committed to her but he has been on and off with her a long time so who knows what the deal is.

  5. Carmen you really sound like a real Jason fan. Why don’t you google her and find out more about her past? You might have a different opinion about wanting them united.

  6. Jason Statham and Alex Zosman form a beautiful couple, me much likes to see them united. I hope that one day they marry.

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