Picture of Miss California, Carrie Prejean Topless



  1. Hi:

    Carrie Prejean Topless is a beautiful woman. She is very Pretty. And I am acording whith her. The gays weddings are bad. But the others opinions, I respect it.

    Went injust the decision. For me, She is Mis Universe.

  2. What is the big deal is she is not ok with gay marriage?? it is her own personal opinion..that doesn´t change anything in the states… I always thought that americans were known for ¨respecting everybody´s opinion¨

  3. No entiendo porque la atacan tanto por opinar que no esta de acuerdo con el matrimonio gay, al fin y al cabo es opinion muy ¨personal¨de ella..eso no quiere decir que se va a empezar una ¨caceria de brujas¨en contra de los gays! pense que E.U se caracterizaba por respetar la opinion de cada uno…

  4. well the gay community want to destroy all people to opose a gay matrimony. But they never was considering matrimony (men and woman), please gave to them the consensual companion, not more. thet are same sex or not? gay or lesbian (men to men) (woman to woman)

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