Patrick Swayze “Miracle Man” Amazing Recovery (click for more)


FP_IMAGE_3043805/FP_SET_3043623Patrick Swayze truly is the Miracle Man! Contrary to reckless and erroneous reports that surfaced earlier this week in the press, Patrick Swayze has not passed and instead seems stronger and more determined than he has been in months.

Pictures taken on May 5th show an upbeat, fuller-faced Swayze driving with his brother, Donnie, in LA. While past images of Swayze depicted a man suffering from the excruciating pain of his illness and treatment, photos from May 5th revealed a happier healthier-looking Patrick, who cracked a smile while enjoying the fresh air. Even more revealing of Swayze’s amazing resolve were images taken on May 11th at a local LA airport. Swayze was animated and very hands-on as he prepared his private jet for a visit to New Mexico. He guided his wife, brother, an unidentified woman and the family dog onto his private jet and personally pulled the rope of the heavy door hatch to close it. Swayze is an experienced pilot so the prospect of him operating his plane for the trip to New Mexico despite his weakened health is awe-inspiring and incredible.

After several weeks with no sign of the cancer-stricken actor, hopes for a miraculous recovery soared like Swayze’s jet in the blue LA sky as photographers witnessed his remarkable change in energy, emotion and physical appearance as evidenced in these exclusive images. Swayze has replaced debilitating chemotherapy with old fashion rest and relaxation, surrounded by the people he loves and the serenity of his expansive New Mexico ranch, his self-ascribed heaven on earth.



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