Exclusive…Stunner Sophie Monk Gets Silly at the Santa Monica Pier!

Exclusive… Smokin’ hot Australian actress and model Sophie Monk showed off her sillier side when photogs caught up with her at the Santa Monica Pier Friday afternoon. When you’re a stunning young beauty like Ms. Monk, all the world is a runway and the Aussie bombshell turned a sunny day at the beachside hangout into an amazing photo shoot.

Showing her range, Monk balanced modelesque poses in front of a serene ocean backdrop with goofier poses in the arcade, holding a Homer Simpson doll in hand and even hopping onto the coin-operated children’s ride to flaunt her sense of humor. Despite a recent scare when she was involved in a car accident in Hollywood, the former Bardot bandmate is flying high with 4 films in production and is still turning heads with her sexy smile and sweet demeanor.



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