Fotos exclusivas de Mark Wahlberg boxeando y golpeado


Exclusive… Hollywood magic was at work as a dingy Boston gym was transformed into Las Vegas’ Caesar’s Palace to re-enact the memorable Mickey Ward vs. Alfonso Sanchez battle from April 12, 1997.

Mark Wahlberg looked to be in amazing shape as he danced around the ring and exchanged blows with the actor playing Sanchez, real life boxer Miguel Espino. Wahlberg received some movie boxing advice from director David O. Russell when his punches started getting too strong and later was dressed with makeup to make it look like he had received a beating.

 The fight being recreated had Wahlberg’s Ward getting beat to a bloody pulp before taking control in the 7th round with his signature devastating body blow, knocking Sanchez out cold. It was a major comeback for Ward after 3 years out of the ring working construction and manual labor.



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