Floyd Mayweather Jr. pelea y le paga al Fisco


Floyd Mayweather Jr.Por desicion unanime gano la pelea a 12 rouds, el boxeador Floyd Mayweather ante el mexicano Juan Manuel Marquez.

Al parecer la urgencia de esa pelea  fue porque Floyd tenia una deuda con el IRS (Internal Revenue Servis) una agencia fiscal de Los Estados Unidos.

Segun cuentan la Agencia Fiscal envio una notificacion  de cobro de impuestos a la Comision del Boxeo de Nevada para frizar los fondos de Floyd.

Despues el Boxeador llego a un acuerdo con la Agencia y pago la deuda que tenia.

No le tardo mucho el dinero que gano en la pelea porque le sirvio solo para pagar la deuda, muy pronto tendra que hacer otra.


  1. Boxing is just like the WWF, made-up. I saw the fight, yes he won by decision, a cream would have been a clear knockout, did not happen. Floyd Mayweather maybe the best boxer of all time to beat up on washed up fighters. So Floyd Mayweather, did not make the weight for the fight, so he heavier than the weight class that he is fighting in, and his opponent was older, shorter and weigh less. Are we impressed that he won, what a charade. Had we seen him come back and defeat Pacman, Cotto, Mosley or Margarito, then maybe he would deserve our attention, till then, snore, snore. Now we find out that this piece of work owes our government millions of dollars. Why should we believe this guy? I guess the rumors are true that he did everything to avoid fighting Antonio Margarito, before his unexpected first retirement, chicken.

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