Daniel Radcliffe penso que Justin Bieber era mujer


El protagonista de la saga de “Harry Potter”, Daniel Radcliffe, dio a conocer que no está muy actualizado en lo que a la música pop se refiere pues admitió que la primera vez que escuchó a Justin Bieber en la radio, pensó que se trataba de una chica.


  1. Jajajaja muy bien! Por eso me cae super bien mi amigo daniel radcliffe, ademas de guapo, simpatico, honesto, tiene toda la razon respecto a bieber jajaja bieeen

  2. for I say to those who say that Justin Bieber is gay you are jealous of how handsome he is like they are too ugly …. well moving on to other things and Justin Bieber hopefully someday come to mexico michoacan screws as never comes alone monterrey and those states would just like to see in person to conoserlo because I’ma big fan of the a qui q is a song I love … someone to love me love that song first was that of one time of love after me and after that of somebody to love Justin Bieber I love you I hope to meet someday. ♥

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