Video de Una Maid en Manhattan telenovela de Telemundo


Starting Tuesday November 29 at 8pm/7c, Telemundo and Sony Pictures Television (SPT) brings viewers an unforgettable love story with the premiere of “Una Maid en Manhattan,” based on the box-office hit movie. This new production, starring Litzy and Eugenio Siller, is taped on locations in Mexico, New York and Miami.

“Una Maid en Manhattan” follows the journey of Marisa Lujan (Litzy), who along with her young son Lalo (Jorge Eduardo), emigrates from México to the United States in search of a better life. After suffering a disappointment while briefly living in Los Angeles, they move to New York City, where she ends up working as a maid in one of Manhattan’s most prestigious hotels. By chance, Marisa will meet millionaire Cristóbal Salas Parker (Eugenio Siller), and they will fall in love, however, with Cristobal mistakenly assuming that she is a well-to-do guest, not one of the hotel’s maids.

The cast of “Una Maid en Manhattan” includes: Litzy, Eugenio Siller, Vanesa Villela, Liz Gallardo, Ismael La Rosa, Paulo Quevedo, Kothan Fernández, Karen Sentíes, Henry Zakka, Karina Mora, Anna Sobero, Jeimy Osorio, Carlos Atie, Maite Embil, Fred Valle, Juan Pablo Llano, Jorge Hernández, Mónica Pasqualotto and Marisela González.

The novela is based on the movie “Maid in Manhattan,” produced by Revolution Studios and distributed by SPT. The story is adapted by Luis Zelkowics. The executive producer is Aurelio Valcarcel-Carrol, directed by Nicolás de Blassi and Jaime Segura and the general producer is Mariana Iskandarani. Telemundo Studios-Miami recreated the streets of Queens, New York, where many important scenes of this emotional story take place. The novela theme song entitled “Amor Sin Fin” [Everlasting Love] was composed by Eugenio Siller and is interpreted by Siller and Litzy.


  1. Soy Una Sra. Antigua que me encantan Las novelas de amor. A maid en Manhattan la veo todos Los Dias pero decepciona que cuando tengo que IR al medico me la pierdo y telemundo no la pone en ON DEMAND. Como puedo hacer Para ver Los capitulos que me pierdo. Cuantos capitulos son? Mi nombre es Monica Gebennini telf. # 305- 318-9372. POR favor comuniquense conmigo. Mil gracias.

  2. this novela is one of the greatest i have seen its a shame that is ending soon when will it end all the cast are great. sara is the very trashy sorry

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